How Do You Find Displaced Dogs Their Forever Homes?

Tito’s content marketing team collaborated with the ELEMENT team to tell three dog rescue stories for nonprofits they support that help displaced pets find homes filming in Louisiana, Illinois, and Texas.

ELEMENT sent three different directors and crews to chronicle challenging journeys of rescuing dogs from the South and bringing them North for adoption. The productions ranged from 3-5 days of filming and yielded MANY hours of footage. Our editors not only crafted three films but also built a content library for social and digital assets.


In addition to Tito’s organic web and social distribution, the films also premiered on Hulu and Discovery Go as branded films. We also produced short form teasers that were used for paid media.

Helped raise over $200,000. The social/influencer portion of the campaign resulted in 97% positive brand sentiment and over 20MM impressions.

SERVICES: Creative Development, Production, Editing


  • Three web films

  • Versions for Discovery Go & Hulu 

  • Versions for internal corporate meetings

  • Promotions and teasers for paid media

 “ELEMENT over-delivered in this project. The amount of care and attention to each of these stories was evident. They rolled up their sleeves and worked in the trenches with us, chasing trailers across the country and flying out of a hurricane zone to rescue pups. It was a bigger success than anyone had anticipated.

Josie Fox
Content Marketing Manager, Tito’s Handmade Vodka