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Our Team

Eran Lobel CEO, Executive Producer

Eran Lobel, CEO, Executive Producer

Eran founded ELEMENT in 1998 and grew it into one of New England’s premiere full service production, post production and integrated content companies. He has a passion for technology, food, and entrepreneurship and produces award-winning content for commercial and web advertising, television programs and long-format films. Eran is a founding board member of both FILMA and the Massachusetts Production Coalition (MPC), is a current board member of the Boston Ad Club and also serves on the City Year Seventh Generation board of advisors. In his free time, Eran enjoys… just kidding, he has no free time.

Kristen Kearns Executive Producer

Kristen Kearns, Executive Producer

Kristen has been producing content for more than 15 years. She has worked with amazing and talented creatives on everything from feature films to branded videos. She is a great collaborator and problem solver who brings a passionate attention to detail to each and every project. She has traveled the globe and considers Vietnam one of her favorite places. Kristen is a graduate of Emerson College. Outside of work, Kristen enjoys hanging in the garden with her chickens or building forts with her three children. She refuses to garden with her kids or build forts with her chickens, however.

Matthew O'Rourke Executive Producer

Matthew O'Rourke, Executive Producer

Matthew is an award-winning producer that has worked in New York, LA and London producing all types of media, both national and global. Like Kristen, Matthew also graduated from Emerson, only they hung in totally different circles. He then moved to New York City, where he worked at MTV (back when the M stood for music) and possibly once bought beer for an underage boy band member, but you can’t prove that. He has spent his career producing anything and everything, and worked for agencies such as FCB, EuroRSG and MMB making the pretty for clients such as Samsung, Jaguar, Chase, Diet Coke, Subway and Toyota. He has one wife and two kids and that’s plenty, thank you very much.

Justin Liberman Producer / Director

Justin Liberman, Producer / Director

Justin has spent the last fifteen years directing and producing projects for Google, ESPN, Remy Martin, ACLU, General Mills, and Capri Sun for agencies and production companies like Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Brooklyn Brothers, Radical Media, and Greenpoint Pictures. In 2015 his directing partnership, Tank + Bunker, was included on Shoot Magazine’s list of best new directors and he was included in Connecticut Magazine’s list of 40 Under 40. He holds an M.F.A. degree from Columbia University and has taught film courses at Boston University and Quinnipiac University.

Kim DeRosa Senior Post Producer

Kim DeRosa, Senior Post Producer

As the middle child of five siblings, Kim has no problem standing out. Loving all things sports related, she is a diehard Sox fan and an ever-loyal Dallas Cowboys fan. (We’re not sure how she has resisted the lure of Tom Brady.) She frequents as many sporting events as humanly possible throughout the year. If you ever want to get on her good side, just offer her a lunch out at Tasty Burger and let her know that “BC Sucks”.

Jessica Wade Creative Manager

Jessica Wade, Creative Manager

Jess has a few impressive stamps in her passport from her time covering the London and Sochi Olympics, backpacking through Europe, and road tripping through the US. And though “500 Miles” by the Proclaimers is her karaoke jam – don’t be fooled! If she could travel anywhere else, she’d settle for the 196 mile trip back to Dutchess County, NY for a big dinner in her family’s log cabin by the river. After dinner, you’d probably find Jess dreaming up a one-woman show or getting crafty by the fireplace.

Mike Nolan Production / Post Coordinator

Mike Nolan, Production / Post Coordinator

In Mike Nolan’s perfect world, he’d be hanging out in a pub in the Shire. Perhaps accompanied by his dogs, Frodo and Gandalf. Seriously, those are their names. An expert in Google-fu, he’s either helping you solve a problem or helping you lose an argument. In his free time, you can catch him karting because if he weren’t tied up with his production duties, he’d surely be a professional race car driver by now. He told us.

Kat Baker Editor

Kat Baker, Editor

When Kat is not editing for clients such as NASCAR, Subway or GMC, you can find her catching lobsters, cooking lobsters, or snuggling – sans lobsters — with her cat, Boris. Also, no big deal, but Kat edited the critically acclaimed feature length documentary, From Nothing Something and totally crushed it.

Zac Currier Editor / VFX

Zac Currier, Editor / VFX

If Zac weren’t editing, he would probably be finding a way to become the next Jedi master. We’d go into more detail, but we’ve already said too much. He is passionate about finding the story within the footage as well as using his motion graphics talents to bring it to life.

John Giuggio Editor

John Giuggio, Editor

John is the type of guy who prefers nachos to cake on his birthday and Disney’s Maid Marian to any of the princesses. Why? “Because she’s a fox.” As a creative writer, this Suffolk alum will someday create the best b-list horror films for future generations to enjoy. But for now, he’s telling your stories through video, playing his guitar, and supporting Boston sports wicked hard, kid.

Chris Santo Editor / Colorist / VFX

Chris Santo, Editor / Colorist / VFX

Chris Santo is the magician behind the finishing of all of our spots. His eye for color and his years of working as both an offline and online editor, make him an indispensable asset. He’s also the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Don’t tell him you know this though, because he’ll be embarrassed.

Julia Keefe Account Manager

Julia Keefe, Account Manager

You’d be hard pressed to find a gal who loves Power Point quite as much as Julia. We hear her experience with the computer software dates back to early childhood Christmas List presentations to Mom and Dad. Julia is a recent UMass grad with a passion for sushi, brand architecture, and her dog Mochi’s instagram (who has more followers than her!) Real talk: she’s the queen of strategic debates and persuasion techniques which helps when discussing the latest in the Kanye / TSwift Fued. (She stands with Kimye by the way).

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