Cindy Nielsen


Cindy’s lifelong love for art began in her early days through drawing, art classes, conversations with cats, and daydreams. After working in photography and not feeling it anymore she ventured into production which guided her to editing. Cindy comes to ELEMENT from NYC heavy shops such as Homestead Editorial, Hooligan, and Eye Candy to name a few.(ish). Cindy is a seasoned Video Editor bringing more than two decades of expertise to the post-production world. Cindy maintains a deep-rooted belief that editing is the art of storytelling. Her passion for unraveling the narrative intricacies and collaborative spirit have paved the way for her to partner with prestigious agencies, production companies, and graphic studios, delivering work of the highest caliber for each project. Thriving on the diversity of her work, she brushes off a challenge like Bruce Lee. Whether it’s in the realms of beauty, comedy, pharmaceuticals, or beyond all are thrilling new adventures waiting to be embraced.